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Keep The Storms Outside – Learn About Storm Windows

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Have you noticed that your windows are letting the weather conditions into your home? Whether it’s a storm or the summer heat, you probably want the weather to stay outside. The only time the outdoor conditions should be coming inside is when you open the doors and windows. If your windows are allowing the outdoor conditions in, you may think that replacing them is the only option. However, there is another option, and that’s storm windows. Cost Effective If your windows are leaking small amounts of air, the addition of storm...

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How To Easily Thaw Out The Freezer Compartment In Your Refrigerator

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Thaw out the freezer compartment in your refrigerator if ice has formed and you are having difficulty shutting the door. This process is easy to complete and only requires some basic materials.  Use The Following Items trash bags pots of boiling water towels putty knife table salt baking soda rubbing alcohol spray bottle water soapy cloth dry cloth Store Food And Boil Water Remove all of the food that is in your freezer. Place what you can in coolers. If you do not have any on hand, stack the items together and place them in trash bags....

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Three Situations In Which Your Home Needs A Water Filtration System

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If you’re concerned that the water you and your family are drinking is unhealthy, consider getting a water filter. While water filters can be beneficial to just about anyone, the three circumstances below highlight those who will benefit the most from a water filtration system. Lead and Other Toxins Found With Water Testing Whether you use city water or get your water from a well, it’s a good idea to get your water tested annually for heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins that can leak into your pipes over time. While small...

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Create Niches With Your Backyard Landscaping

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Your large backyard is a boon. However, to make it both charming and usable, create niches with your landscaping design. Use shrubs, ornamental trees and perennials to transform your yard into a lovely backyard with surprises and delights for both you and your guests. Fire Pit Channel that feeling of being deep in nature around an open fire with a fire pit and seclusive landscaping. Start with a sunken fire pit surrounded by pavers. Next, have bench seating in rustic pine installed in a semi-circle around the fire pit. For the...

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Three Sound Indicators Of A Needy Furnace

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There is nothing unusual with the low humming noise that a furnace makes. This is usually an indication that its burner is working properly. Neither is there a problem with occasional small pops in the ducting system. But when a furnace starts to make a loud squealing noise or when it produces a slightly loud bang when you switch it on, there is a problem. Your furnace is calling for your attention. And if it doesn’t get it on time, chances are that you will be facing astronomical furnace repair bills in no time. Here is what you should...

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What To Look For In An Aluminum Sunroom

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An aluminum sunroom makes a gorgeous and functional addition to any home, and when it’s properly installed using advanced technology, you’ll be able to enjoy it year-round, depending upon your climate. Look for the following features when deciding which type and style of aluminum sunroom to choose: Thermally Broken Technology Although it sounds a little like something you should avoid, when it comes to sunrooms, thermally broken frames are actually a good thing. This type of frame provides a disconnect between interior and...

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Growing Dangerously: What You Need To Know About Invasive Plant Species When Landscaping Your Yard

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If you are landscaping your yard, you might be interested in adding exotic plants that are not native to your region. Yet, this can wreak havoc on your area’s natural ecosystem, and you might even be breaking the law. Here is an introduction to invasive plant species and how they affect your landscaping plans. What is an Invasive Plant? An “invasive plant species” is a plant that is not native to a particular habitat. If you introduce an invasive plant into a non-native habitat, it will aggressively colonize the region and...

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5 Things To Do Before You List Your Home For Sale

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As a homeowner, one of your main goals when selling your house is probably to make the biggest profit possible. But sometimes you have to spend a bit of money in order to make sure that your house gets sold. If you are considering putting your home on the market, take care of these projects before your residence is listed: Service Your HVAC Unit Most potential home buyers want to purchase a house that has a HVAC unit that is in good running condition, so it is in your best interest to have your unit professionally serviced before you put your...

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Wood Vs. Vinyl Privacy Fences: Which Is Right For You?

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When looking to clearly mark your property line and improve the privacy level your property has to offer, the installation of a wood or vinyl privacy fence will ultimately be your best option. While many homeowners find it quite simple to narrow down their fencing options to use of wood or vinyl, choosing between these two materials will often prove far more difficult. If you have found yourself in this same position, taking the time to review the key factors associated with each option can help to ensure you are choosing the privacy fence...

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Kitchen Electrical Wiring For Beginners

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Kitchen renovations are perhaps one of the most popular types of renovations a home owner can make. They often involve purchasing and installing new countertops, cabinets, flooring, and tile. Often overlooked, however, is the kitchen electrical. The electrical work in the kitchen is crucial to the space’s functionality and safety. If you’ve never thought about it before, here are some things you should consider before you ask a professional for a quote.  Circuits Each and every electrical outlet, light, or appliance is...

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